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For Immediate Mental Health Support, please call BC’s Mental Health Support Line at 310-6789 (no area code). 

Crisis Line is always available 24/7 1-888-353-2273

Tereena Donahue (Executive Director) 250-305-4775

Sarah Landry (Administration) 250-398-8220 Ext. 2001

Laurie Haller (Administration) 250-398-8220 Ext. 2001

Dawn Maillot (Finance) 250-398-8220 Ext. 2025

Heather Silvester (Director – Supportive Mental Health Services): 250-305-5313

Tina Campbell (Counsellor – Supportive Mental Health Services) 250-305-4108

Jim Smith (Counsellor – Supportive Mental Health Services) 250-398-8220 Ext. 2031

Evan Pantanetti (Crisis Line Coordinator) 250-302-9232

Rahne Brunsch (Crisis Line Coordinator) 250-302-9232

Dana Hamblin (Program Manager – Family Solutions Program) 250-305-4487

Penny Stavast (Director – Anti-Violence Programs) 250-302-1320

Barb Charboneau (Sexual Assault Crisis Response Worker) 250-305-4114

Holly Stirling (Community Based Victim Services Response Worker): 250-855-8464

Marnie Sellars (Director – Housing and Harm Reduction) 250-305-4426

Deanne Brown (Homeless Outreach) 250-392-0832

Blair Fisher (Director – Transitional Housing) 250-855-9334

Our Location

#201, 35 – Second Avenue S. Williams Lake, BC V2G 3W3
(2nd Floor, Bank of Montreal Building)



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