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Alcohol and Other Drugs

People use alcohol and other drugs for many different reasons, and how drugs and alcohol impact someone’s life depend on many different factors. In some cases, drug and alcohol use may cause few harms, or even be beneficial. For others, it may be more harmful. In this section, learn how you can make healthier, less harmful choices when you choose to use alcohol or other drugs.

Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol and Other Drugs

We all use substances, many of which affect our mood. Many people can use substances in moderation (whether legal or illegal), without experiencing problems. What we need to remember is that all substances have effects; some have greater risks.

Evaluating Mental Health and Substance Use Information

With all of the information coming at us these days, it can be hard to filter out what is good information and what information isn’t so good. With all of the information out there, how do you know what information you can trust?

Making Healthier Choices about Substance Use

Whenever we choose to use substances, it is helpful to know what steps we can take to ensure that our use is the least harmful possible. These resources provide tips for making healthier choices about substance use, and where to go for more support.


Psychosis is often described as a “loss of reality” or a “break from reality” because it makes you experience or believe things that aren’t real. Psychosis is a serious and disabling mental health condition—but it is treatable and many people recover after only one episode when they get proper treatment.

Substance Use and Addiction

Use of substances like alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs is more complicated than just “good” or “bad.” It’s helpful to think of substance use along a continuum, from beneficial use to harmful use.

Substance Use Problems

Each person has a different relationship with substances like alcohol and other drugs, and people use substances for different reasons. What’s beneficial for some may cause problems for others, or for the same person in different situations.

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