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Homeless Outreach Program

Funded by BC Housing and the gaming policy and enforcement branch, provides support and advocacy to homeless individuals in Williams lake and 100 Mile areas. Outreach workers facilitate access to income assistance benefits, accommodations and other essential supports.

Outreach services are available to you if:

Services available for Homeless Outreach Program participants

Outreach workers can offer:

  1. Immediate outreach assistance to meet you where you are at. This may include a referral to an emergency shelter for a place to sleep, wash and eat.
  2. Case-planning assistance to help you get identification, apply for income assistance and set housing goals.
  3. Assistance to find housing options and provide support with the application and move-in process. Rent supplements may be available to support this process. Outreach workers can accompany you to appointments and/or housing viewings.
  4. To refer you to support services such as health care, counselling and addiction recovery.
  5. To help you with more permanent housing options including supportive housing and subsidized housing.
  6. To be a resource for housing providers/landlords and answer their questions and concerns.
  7. Ongoing support as required.

Together we strive to decrease the number of people living on the streets, we provide many services that help our community stay strong.

NOTE: We kindly take donations of gently used furniture and household items to help individuals.

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