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Community Based Victim Services

Provides justice related services to victims of all ages, genders and sexual orientation.

Relationship Violence is any form of violent or abusive behavior that happens in intimate relationships (marriage, common law, dating, ex-partners, family and friends). Being in a relationship does not give anyone the right to be violent. Incidents of violence or abuse can happen once or many times during the relationship and after it ends.  Signs of violence or abuse include:

Sexual Assault is any form of sexual contact without a person’s consent, including the threats of sexual contact without consent.  Sexual assault can range from unwanted sexual touching to forced intercourse. Sexual assault is a crime, regardless of the part or present relationship between the people involved (e.g. married, dating, living together, friends, strangers). No one has the right to force or threaten another person to have sexual contact.

Stalking and Criminal Harassment can take over your life.  If you are being threatened, followed, watched, called repeatedly, sent things that are unwanted or if your property or pets have been harmed, you may be a victim of criminal harassment.

Justice Related Services Include:

Other Services Provided Include:

Resources available for Safety Planning

Battered Women’s Support Services – Personalized Safety Plan

The Williams Lake Community Based Victim Services works in collaboration with:

Aboriginal Victim Services 
17 South 1st Avenue, Williams Lake, BC
Ph. (250) 305-2350  Fax. (250) 392-1533
(assisting aboriginal victims of all genders and ages)
RCMP Victim Services
575 Borland Street Williams Lake, BC
Ph.(250) 392-8709 Fax. (250) 392-8707
(assisting victims of all crimes reported to the RCMP)
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