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Tools for Change

Criminal Justice

These resources and fact sheets were developed through our projects on mental health and the criminal justice system.

Cross-cultural Mental Health

Our communities are culturally diverse. We know that mental health and substance use problems affect everyone, regardless of their background, culture or ethnicity, but current mental health and substance use services may not be able to respond to the diverse needs of our community members.

Engaging People with Lived Experience

Embracing the voice of people with mental illness and addiction is one of the key values of CMHA. This workbook is designed to help CMHA and other like-minded service providers bring this value to life through their work.

Family and Youth Peer Support

The Strengthening Family and Youth Voices project was a province-wide project exploring the role of peer support in child and youth mental health.

Mental Illness and Substance Use in the Workplace

One in five of us will experience a mental illness or substance use problem at some point in our lifetime. Even though these health issues can affect the way we work, many people don’t seek help because they fear they will lose the respect of co-workers—or even lose their job.

Training for Police and Other First Responders

Learn about crisis intervention and mental health training available for police and other first responders.

Unemployment, Mental Health and Substance Use

Seventy to 90% of people living with serious mental illnesses in Canada are unemployed. Research tells us that most people living with a serious mental illness want to work, but few do find work—and, often, the work doesn’t meet their goals or abilities.

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